Remembering Angela

Angela’s life was one that was filled with many wonderful accomplishments that we all wish to achieve. A beautiful family, incredible friends, and a career in education that touched the lives of so many are just a few of the things that made Angela’s life so special.  At the heart of all aspects of Angela’s life was love.  Angela LOVED her family.  Angela LOVED hosting parties for her friends.  Angela LOVED the beach.  Angela LOVED running and, of course, Angela LOVED Lemon Drop Martinis. Perhaps Angela’s biggest love was children.  The love and pride that she had for Freddie, Ava, and Ali will never be forgotten. However, Angela’s love for children did not end with her own. Angela had an unrelenting love and compassion for all the children she encountered in her teaching career.  It is with all this love in mind that the proceeds from this year’s event will go to benefit the children of Haverhill Public Schools and the Lynn Economic Opportunity.